What is the $TUT token? What's used for? How does it capture value? Discover Tutellus fundamentals here

Create your full tokenized ecosystem in one day

DAPPComposer helps you to create your own token, smart contracts and DAPP in a simple way, letting you to be focus on your business while we hold the infrastructure.

Welcome to the new generation of crypto infrastructures

Forget to hire consultants and spend time and money creating your tokens, dAPP and smart contracts. We invent the DIaS (“Decentralized Infrastructure as a Service”. No investment, no risk, and 100% yours.

No need
to invest

DAPPComposer works in a DIaS model. We deploy your smart contracts and DAPP in less than one day.

All services

Users can enjoy all kind of DeFi and crypto services we provide in your own DAPP.

Your brand rules the business

DAPPComposer tailors the DAPP to your brand and inside your own domain. The word is yours!


Even for the best issues you won’t pay more: just will need to stake TUT tokens in order to do it.

Your token with your tokenomics, liquidity and your own rules.

DAPPComposer adapts to your business: you decide how to share the tokens between your stakeholders and community, vesting and cliff politics, liquidity and so on.And if you need help, we can assist you.DAPPComposer runs on Polygon.

These DAPPs have been created with DAPPComposer

We work to add and improve functionalities and to expand these improvements to our clients.

A Web3 pricing model that fits you

You pay a monthly fee and for advanced versiones you stake TUT tokens to unlock functionalities, getting an extra ROI.

Lite - Cryptocurrency X Webflow Template


No staking TUT

What's included?
Test environment
Light/Dark mode
Support: less than 48h
Standart - Cryptocurrency X Webflow Template


TUT Staking (12 Month blocking)
5.000€ + up to 30% extra ROI

What's included?
All STARTUP features
Token evolution graphics
Buy MATIC with credit card
Swap/Pool integration
3rd party integrations
Custom domain
Support: less than 24h
Pro - Cryptocurrency X Webflow Template


TUT Staking (12 Month blocking)
15.000€ + up to 30% extra ROI

What's included?
All GROWTH features +
Buy Custom Token
API Access
Support: less than 6h


Or if you prefer, contact with us and we will touch you.

Investing in crypto assets is not regulated, may not be suitable for retail investors, and the entire amount invested may be lost. It is important to read and understand the risks of this investment, which are explained in detail at this location.

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